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Light Emperador

Light Emperador

The Light Emperador is a light brown coloured marble, with fine grain and abundant irregular and crossed yellowish vein. It presents some occasional white calcite with small do medium dimension. Its main variations depend on the honey tonality that it can be more or less dark and uniform, as well as on the abundance of white vein.


This type of marble is most commonly used on interior flooring applications. It is also commonly used in coverings, cladding and some bath design uses.

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The Light Emperador marble from Spain has created a reputation in the market mainly due to its sister stone, the Dark Emperador. In fact, many projects ask for both marble, as they combine in perfection and complement eachother.

It is today extracted mostly by a single quarry in Spain, with clear limitations in terms of supply, higher prices and limited variations. Despite this, this marble still enjoys a large demand worldwide.

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