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Gris Pulpis

Gris Pulpis

The Gris Pulpis is a brown coloured marble, with fine grain. It presents some strong and well-defined white calcite vein. This stone is mostly composed by calcite and is fairly hard.


The main variations of this stone depend on the background uniformity and abundance of white vein. It may also present some variations in terms of brown tonality.


This is a decoration marble by excellence, with its dark brown colour and refined white vein doing the wonders of architects and designers.

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The Gris Pulpis is a very exclusive type of stone that is extracted by a couple of quarries around the town of Santa Magdalena de Pulpis (Spain). Most of the extraction of this marble is already sold, mainly due to large demand.

The Gris Pulpis has a considerable market demand, specially from the European and Middle Eastern markets.

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