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Crema Marfil Commercial

Crema Marfil Commercial

Beige coloured marble, with medium grain, uniform background and some presence of darker vein. This is the most mainstream variation of the Crema Marfil marble, being widely available in the market.


This marble has a fairly good selection and it presents a great price-quality relation. It is ideal for medium to large size projects. It is recommended for flooring, some cladding and other decoration projects.


We can supply slabs, tiles, cut-to-size and diverse finished products.

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The Crema Marfil Commercial marble is by far the most common variation of the Crema Marfil available in the market. It presents a good price, large availability, and in most cases an interesting selection.

There are better and worst variations of this marble, and we find that this Commercial type is a good balance of a marble that can present dozens of variations and confuse incredibly buyers.

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