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Gris Perla

Gris Perla

The Gris Perla is a grey coloured granite, with medium to gross grain, large crystals and a compact structure. Its main colours are the grey, white and black, with different dimensions. Its variations depend on the dimensions of grain, as well as amount of each colour.


The Blanco Cristal can be found on both interior and exterior applications. It is common to find applications of this granite on flooring, cladding, interior decoration applications such as bath design and others.

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The Gris Perla is an important granite in Spain, with a good market. Internationally is less known, but still enjoys an interesting market. The Gris Perla is extracted by some quarries with medium dimension and the blocks available are normally quite large.

This granite has a growing demand and is an interesting granite to consider as a good alternative to the traditional grey coloured granite.

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